Best burgers in Saint Louis

Best burgers in Saint Louis

It is believed that the word “hamburger” came from the name of the German second largest city-Hamburg. According to this version, the recipe came to America from Hamburg together with German immigrants. That type of hamburger was a piece of fried pork in bread.Another version says that the hamburger was called after the city of Hamburg, which is situated in the New York state. In 1885, two brothers, at a fair,which was held in the American Hamburg, offered roasted beef cutlet, which was served between two buns. They say that the brothers had no pork sausages left, (which they were putting in sandwiches), and they decided to replace it with beef, which was left.

For the first time in New York’s eatery, the term “hamburger” was used in 1834. The popularity of the dish, which was growing every day, led to the fact that one way or another many people wanted to be a part of its invention. Many Americans and the culinary experts of other countries claimed the authorship of the creation of this dish. Ultimately, it ended up with the fact that the hamburger became a dish with one of the most intricate histories.

In 1900, inthe city of New Haven, a cook, whose name was Louis Lessing, made his first hamburger. Louis wasaskedto prepare some hot and quick dish. Using minced meat, Louis molded a cutlet and fried it on the grill. The misleading thing is that the cook served the meat between two slices of toast, not between buns. Considering this fact, some culinary critics refuse to admit that Louis was the person, who made the first hamburger. Nevertheless, in the year 2000,the only person, who cooked the first Americanburger,by the version of the Library of Congress, was namedLessing.

However, Fletcher Davis,a cook from Athens (Texas), who put a fried cutlet with onions and mustard between two slices of bread in 1880, considered himself another inventor of the hamburger. Widely known burgers became in 1904 at the fair in Saint Louis, where Fletcher and his wife sold their burgers.

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Speaking of Saint Louis, it is the biggest city in Missouri. Its main attraction is the Arch “Gateway”, which height is 192m., so it is considered the highest monument in America. The city of St. Louis is situated at the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers. It is a large industrial and cultural center of the Midwest. It was founded in 1764 as a French trading post and received the status of the city in 1822. Saint Louis is connected by eight bridges to satellite cities in the state of Illinois.

Considering the fact that Saint Louis had an important role in the history of burgers, you are advised to visit these three places in the city, where you can try some of the most delicious burgers.With the help of under 21 car rental stl, your trip would bring you more pleasant memories.

  1. Zippy Burger

Location: 571 Melville Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63130-4551

Situated near Washington University in Saint Louis, this establishment appears to be new. There is a minimalistic menu, (burgers, drinks and fries) and a very modest location.

Smashed on soft buns with lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, ketchup and pickles by request, these aretasty fast food hamburgers. The service is very friendly and fine. The prices are reasonable.

  1. Chuck-a-Burger

Location: 9025 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Overland, Saint Louis, MO 63114-4245

A pleasant step back to the 60-70s drive in for a great burger and a pineapple shake served in a big frosted glass. The burgers include BBQ sauce and slaw, making it so delicious. The shakes are having creamy texture and smoothflavor. Fries are just right and light. Despite the fact that there is not much space inside the restaurant (the dining room has tabling for about twenty people), you can always get take-away.Staff is very friendly and courteous. The restaurant is clean and nice, with delicious menu items. You will have an authentic diner experience with great food, 50’s music and even classic car shows in the parking lot occasionally. Prices are decent. Breakfast is also served. It is an iconic place, which worth visiting to feel the nostalgic about the Route 66 era.

  1. Bailey’s Range

Location: 920 Olive St, Saint Louis, MO 63101-1420

It is a dining spot in downtown, in metro style. Limited food menu, mostly burgers, salads and apps, and burgers are the star of the show here. Many choices, great flavors. They are using only 100% grass fed MO range beef. The staff is very nice and friendly. Try‘Cookies and Cream Shake’ and a ‘Waffle Cone with Cookie Dough Ice cream’ for dessert, they are homemade and truly delicious. Overall, it is a very nice place to eat.

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