Digital Monitoring Tools: A Blessing for Employers

Business enterprises had to face a number of problems in the past to keep an eye on the performances of their employees. A number of small scale organizations had to even face fraudulent activities, sexual harassment cases, lack of staff retention, loss of potential data and a number of other points that were disastrous for them.

The conventional tools that were used to keep a check and balance in terms of monitoring and invigilating employees went obsolete since the introduction of digital technology such as the savvy device, Smartphone.

Conventional Monitoring tools:

It is pretty hard for the business organizations to monitor their employees through the conventional monitoring tools. Those stuck with continuous watch over the employees through files and post task performances. This doesn’t actually present the true picture of the performance and the invigilation went wasted.

Employers had to bear the brunt at the end of the accounting session when they weren’t even able to meet the break even. This is one of the main reasons that why the organization so swiftly leave the market.

The Blessing:

Miracles happen, but this is not a miracle, it’s an invention of human brain. Precisely it won’t be wrong to say that it was a necessity, and necessity leads to inventions. Spy app venture, a true monitoring and vigilance mode for the employers.

The spy apps can:

  • Listen to the calls, record them and keep a record of the complete call log which helps in redeeming all calls
  • Read the messages
  • Visit the social media accounts of employers as administrators
  • Read the data on smartphone
  • Learn about the location of employee through the GPS of the smartphone of the employee
  • Listen to all the sounds in the surrounding of employee
  • Capture every happening in the surrounding of employee

Isn’t it a complete package for the best monitoring and invigilation? Yes it is, as it could help the employers to learn each and every thing that happens actually, instead of relying on the fake reporting.

Spy Apps can save from Fraud:

All the fraudulent activities are performed away from the eyes of the employer. Whether it’s a fiscal fraud or non – fiscal it remains in curtains unless not investigated. But the misery is investigation is started after the fraud has occurred.

Here come the spy apps in use. If the employer would have heard the calls of the essential or suspicious ranks and would have monitored all, the fraud won’t have happen. The call records, messages, location, sounds of surrounding all help the employer to track the fraud that is about to take place.

Cyber – Bullying and Sexual Harassment:

Neither the résumé of a candidate nor the impression of that person elaborates that, that guy could turn out to be a cyber – bully or would harass his colleagues.No one is even willing to take the blame if something immoral happens in the workplace.

The spy apps enable the employer to know about everything that is happening in the office. It doesn’t require them to get out of their cabin and walk to each employee and watch what that person is discussing with his colleague.

Moreover the calls and message track helps the employer to keep the record of each and everything discussed by employees. Even the employer could record the calls. This would help the employer to kick the black sheep out of the office.

Potential Data Remains in Safe Hands:

Generally the IT Sector firms and the manufacturing units have sensitive data that is a base to run the business. If that gets lost, the organization suffers a lot. The Chief Technology Officers, Support Managers and the IT Managers are generally involved in such frauds of selling the company’s data to a rival or a competing company.

This is a heavy loss for the organization. But the loss can be saved by the help of the Spy Apps. It allows the employers to check in everything that the employee has in his smartphone and keep the sensitive articles away from his hands.


The Application with the most suitable features and the highly responsive functionality is TheOneSpy, which is suggested by its users that it really is a good support in monitoring and invigilating the employees and keep the business running nice and smooth.

Author Bio:

Aline is a professional writer and inspired content creator working as senior editor at TheOneSpy. Her main fields of interests are cyber bullying, online employee monitoring and mobile phone apps. To know more about her follow on twitter @alinecarrara7.