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So are you searching for the site that has everything to offer in case of entertainment that you need. So you are not getting any?? Your wait is over here, in this article we will be actually discussing about the best site that will provide you with all the movies and your favorite television shows. Well the site is putlocker. Putlocker is the website that hosts files and is used to provide you with movies as well as TV shows.  It is one of the most famous sites streaming providing with latest movies as well as TV shows.

  • If we talk about the history of this site then this site actually originated from United Kingdom under the URL
  • The website receives the major recognition with 800,000 users. It hooked up when the site called as Megaupload was shut down due to the copyright problem. But it has promise to come up again in the year 2017 with new changes being made. Now if we discuss something about Megaupload it was a Honk-Kong based company.
  • It was established in the year 2005 and it has operated till 2012. As already discussed it has promised to comeback in the by year 2017 that too in the starting of the year.
  • This company was actually shut down in the year 2012 and was caught by United States of department of justice seized the domain names of the company and also closed down all the sites that were associated with Megaupload.
  • Well this site closed actually gave boost to the site putlocker. No doubt the owner of the Megaupload never accepted the fact that there was any type of fraud involved. But the authority sealed all the sites and that resulted into the closing of the site.
  • With this putlocker was lime lighted and it got more users up to 1.6 million users visiting daily.


Now if we talk about what all this site naming putlocker has to serve then here are the facilities that are being provided by this site-


  • It has much number of users as compared to any other site like it has already been described above that it has 1.6 million users visiting the site daily
  • It has all your favorite movies and the television shows as well
  • Very user friendly site and everything will be directed to you
  • You will get everything in sequence from latest to the old one.
  • you can easily watch the movies online

So this can be said as one of the best site that provides you with everything that you want.  It is being listed as among the top 250 best websites and also top 150 in the United States. Due to some reason this site was shut down but again in November 2, 2016 it was active again and now it has come up with new changes. So if you are still confused about for which site to go then this is one of the best sites to watch all your favorite movies and television shows.

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