Buy unique antique brass door knobs

There are people present in huge numbers who are seen to collect variety of things, ranging from bottle caps to dolls and just about anything and everything that they find interesting. There does exist a collection for almost every group, personality and segment of people. Few tend to get worked up over the old door knobs and started collections made from antique door knobs. How such collection came into being is something that many are not aware of. Probably, it may have started, when some old door could have been thrown out. There could be experienced a nostalgic moment, thus prompting the owner to retain the knob for memory. This only meant gathering more knobs, thus creating a frenzy for further collection.

Great collections

The fact is that antique brass cabinet knobs not only make great collections, but also are used in many households in the different rooms. Although a bit on the expensive side, they are quite expensive. Several antique knob collectors are found to be quite serious with regards to their trade. These people do have good knowledge about antique type of door knobs and do spend a fortune to enhance their collection. In case, you feel that it is just another door knob, then you are completely wrong.

About antique door knobs

Antique door knobs, a century ago had gone through various design and personality changes. Rather than being something which is used for opening and closing a door, the door knobs created previously were part of the home similar to that of the other types of d├ęcor. They were expected to create a bold statement. The job for a while was mostly relegated to the glass artists who had created those wonderful bubble glass knobs, jewel shaped shapes from lead crystal and amazing brass pieces carved into ornate patterns.

Re-emergence of antique styled door knobs

With time, the knob styles changed and it was during the modern times that they seemed to become a bit boring. They were probably made to open the door. This is what had prompted the hardware manufacturers to begin production of antique brass coat hooks and door knobs. This way, they help their clients to get back in time and add style, charisma, looks and personality to their doors. It also helps to enhance the overall value of the home as well as its appeal. Today, the manufacturers engaged in the production of antique door knobs, handles and wall hooks are making huge profits from their business. This is because of the growing demand for such products in the market.

How much is to be paid for buying antique door knobs?

There are antique pieces that are sold of thousands of dollars! The type of selected and the price to be paid entirely depends upon the antiqueness of the product, the material from which it is created and the kind of charisma it is emits. The right type selected can leave a long lasting impression upon the family members as well as the guests visiting the place.

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